Terms & Condition
Our Terms and Conditions section is like a contract between us and our customers. We make information and services available to our customers and our customers must follow our rules.
  • Terms and Conditions Agreement:
  • 1. It is suggested that before making any financial transactions to get in touch with our customer support help which is available from Mon – Fri (9.00 a.m – 5 p.m) to do a secure transaction.
  • 2. If there is a website downtime or any error occurs, do not worry we are just a call away to get in touch or you can reach to us alternatively via WhatsApp. (+91 9871566891)
  • 3. It is suggested to choose subscription package wisely as once a payment is made it cannot be undone or cancelled at any circumstances and it is requested to contact customer at the earliest or else it will be treated as a regular transaction and no claim will be entertained.

    Except : i. if double payment is made

    ii. if excess payment is made in case of manual amount input transaction (in that case excess payment will be refunded within 72 hours)

    iii. if any voucher redemption is unsuccessful and excess amount has been deducted(in that case the amount of the voucher code promised discount will be refunded within 72 hours).
  • 4. Any unlawful behavior, hate speech, bullying, promotions, spam, etc, will lead your account to be deactivated permanently and if any personal complaint from any client is received legal consequences will be there.
  • 5. Dussrishadi.com reserves the right to terminate any account without any prior notice and without any refund if there is a mass report against an account or if an account is found to be fraud or if any suspicious activity is found.
  • 6. In case of providing wrong or manipulated information at the time of creating the account it will lead strict Legal actions as per Law.
  • 7. Dussrishadi.com does not take responsibilities of any situation or behavior of any clients when meeting personally.
  • 8. Dussrishadi.com does not physically verify any profile at time of creation of account, the accounts are verified only through digital means within 3-5 business days after creation of the new account.
  • 9. Dussrishadi.com is only a virtual match making site, the only purpose of this website is to find best matches for new marriages, Divorcees, widows and promotion of remarriage.
  • Customer Support
  • In case you come across any issue or you have any query, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are available Mon – Fri (9.00 a.m – 5 p.m) to assist you.
  • Change In Privacy Policy
  • We have the right to change this privacy policy without prior notice. You will be updated via our communication channel and you are also suggested to view and read this document and after every few days to be updated.
  • Write to us
  • If you find any suspicious profile write to us at EMAIL ID/ PHONE NUMBER and we will look into it immediately.
  • Stay safe with us
  • While we continue to work tirelessly to digitally fortify our platform to ensure you have a safe experience with us. We also urge you to complete your own checks and verification, stay conscious about the below aspects before proceeding.
  • Do not share personal account details
  • Don't share your bank account details or home address with someone you have just met and don’t fall in any trap. Dussrishadi.com will not be responsible for such causalities.
  • Never Share any OTP
  • Dussrishadi.com never calls and asks for OTP or any other personal details or bank details.
  • Meet at Public places
  • When meeting for the first time choose public spaces such as coffee shops, restaurants, malls etc. Dussrishadi.com does not ensures physical verification of any Client personally so it is advised to be careful while physical meet.
  • Refrain from giving financial help
  • Avoid giving financial help to any member who claims to have an urgent need. Dussrishadi.com will not be responsible for any transaction occurring at personal request, it is the liability of the clients.
  • Report Fraud Activities
  • Report any kind of cheating or fraud activities to our team via call, email or directly through WhatsApp.
  • If any kind of causalities occurs or if there is any threats contact the nearest police station immediately.